Wear The People

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Wear The People project is dedicated to the memory of Sunderland super fan

Davy Dowell.

"The legend lives on..."

Davy Dowell RIP

“Ow, young ‘un, gannin for a pint?”
The first words spoken to me by a teenage Davey Dowell outside Highbury in the early eighties before a Colin West inspired victory. Pints indeed followed in Islingto...n and everywhere else Sunderland played everafter.
Opening lines don’t come better than that: how many times over the next thirty years would I be greeted, like everyone regardless of age, as “young ‘un”?
We will never hear those words again, of course. In June, Davey left us, at least physically. He will never leave in reality, not to the hundreds who were lucky enough to know him well or the thousands whose paths he crossed.
He will never leave. He will be at the Etihad on Saturday; he was in Austria last week. The Boro game will be strange but away games and foreign tours are already missing a vital ingredient.
Selfishly, because I know what I’m missing, I regret his departure but I respect his choice.
Sometimes clichés are the only appropriate medium. He was the best Sunderland supporter anyone ever knew. A legend in the true sense because stories about him will be told as long as SAFC play and beer is drunk.

Jim Fox